Last Friday evening at around 11PM, Taylor and myself finally finished tilling the last of our GA market gardener’s plots.  Due to the extensive rain and the hectic schedules of Taylor, our borrowed truck’s owner (thanks Buddy!) and me, it has been quite the job getting all these yards tilled.  Taylor and I chipped away at clay heavy soil with headlamps on, moving our tiller from side to side to get our weakened tines sunk into the dense earth; we looked like madmen!  But we got it done, and I am happy to say that all of our participants now have soft soil to plant in.

I’m sure these frantic rain showers and temperature drops have been taxing for everyone in the GA family and especially our less cold sensitive crops!

Anyways, our gardeners are off to a fine start – many of them have already created their raised beds in a square foot design and have planted all of their spring seeds + transplants.  I myself have yet to till my own plot – but better late than never to the garden party!

I want to give a big thanks to Matt Dobson and Taylor Malone for putting in countless hours tilling our families plots.  In many ways, the foundations to making a garden are often the hardest, so I am relieved and excited that we have cleared a big hurdle and are ready to move onto caring and harvesting.