Let’s talk about initiative and innovation! One of our students, Michael, designed and built a compost tumbler at home and donated it to the school 2 weeks ago. The following materials were used: 2×4’s, a 55-gallon metal barrel, a metal rod, and nails- talk about simplicity and sustainability at its finest! Michael even took into account compost’s need for oxygen and drilled ½ holes periodically throughout the barrel. The barrel previously held diesel fuel, which was worrisome, but our garden class started a small fire within the barrel to burn off the remaining fuel. We plan to do this a few more times before we start to compost in the tumbler. (If anyone has any other suggestions- please let us know!)

Now let’s talk about teamwork! Michael brought the tumbler to school almost 100% complete, except for a door. He had made the cut out for said door, but he needed help from our handy wood shop teacher, James. James and some of his students created hinges and attached with a swivel clasp. This door is a little smaller than the cut, but we figure we can work on creating something to fill the small gaps if need be!

Lastly, let’s talk about Michael! Michael always goes above and beyond what is asked of him! He rarely, if ever, complains about helping with needed chores. Not only does Michael do the job, but he does it well…he puts 100% effort into all tasks. He is a role model for other students and a mentor for the staff- everyone can learn something from Michael’s work ethic and helpful spirit! We are so proud to get to work alongside someone who encourages everyone around him to strive for better every day.