-Bea Sias, Logan WV

Lead Community Org.

Well as I sit here at the computer, typing this blog, I hear the rain once again.  On the drive into work this morning, another fierce storm hit again.  Southern West Virginia has been riddled with severe storms that include heavy down pours, hail and strong winds. I decided to read up on the storm damage and how the weather has already destroyed many of our local gardens.

The weather can be very damaging to our plants if we don’t take measures to protect them. With all the rain, high winds and hail here in the last two months entire gardens have been swept away, destroying the plants, washing away the soil and fertilizer.  Unfortunately, many of families are now having to start over.

Tomato cages can help protect your plants from being blown over during storms.

Tomato cages can help protect your plants from being blown over during storms.

Wind and hail can be the most destructive to a garden.  Creating a wind break will help take the brunt of the storm and is easy if you already have a fence. Simply attach plastic to the fence, punch some holes in it so it can allow the wind and then remove it when the bad weather has past or when your neighbors start to complain about how ugly it is.   Some small plants can be protected by placing a bucket over them.  Make sure to place something heavy on top so it doesn’t blow away.   Low growing plants can be covered with a tarp, just make sure it is securely staked to the ground and the plants are not touching the tarp.  Row covers may not be enough to protect your plants from wind and heavy hail. During this time having a rain barrel or two are good ideas. You can store the water from spring and summer down pours for when we hit dry spells.

Mother Nature can be gentle or kind, but she can also be very cruel and destructive.  Set up systems that protect your gardens from all types of weather.