Maria here in Williamson, WV! Two weeks ago we planted tomatoes in our high tunnel earlier than we ever had. Although the temps are supposed to drop slightly this week, we think our baby tomato plants are going to make it with some row covers and the support of our high tunnels.

We started a bunch of tomato seeds early this year but planted our Early Girls in the tunnel first. They have been in there new home for about two weeks now. We tried to focus more on companion planting this year, and decided to do wide rows with many different types of crops in them. As you can see in the picture, this specific row where we put the tomatoes has spinach, mustard, kale and radishes, in addition to herbs lining the outside of the beds. We are trying to really maximize our space more this year in the tunnels.  Next week we plan to put out Oxheart tomatoes and Yellow Striped Oxhearts (my personal favorite)

tomatoes 2 tomatoes 3

We also welcomed guests this week, as we received our first AmeriCorps NCCC team of the year. They will be staying in Williamson for three weeks and will be working with us on various local food projects. Today they trellised peas, planted cucumbers in the high tunnel (yay for season extension!) and help prep some of our individual garden plots for their spring planting event next week!  Will keep you posted as their work progresses this week. We plan to have them construct some more raised beds, build several low cost wash station as well as a fire pit. Will share instructions next week!

nccc volunteers