Anna here, reporting in from The David School science department! As Jann and I have discussed together recently, you cannot know everything about gardening, especially as a 20-something year old (or a pair of them!). It takes first-hand plans, risks, mistakes, and celebrations all together to even begin to gather the experience needed to grow a successful garden. I am so blessed to work alongside someone like Jann who has a can-do, optimistic attitude.

As a member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), I am required to attend webinars, scroll through online surveys, and attend summer workshops throughout the year. Recently I came across a summer workshop called The Edible Schoolyard Academy (ESY) that develops teachers’ competency in school gardens, in sustainability, and integrating the crops into school lunches. As a teacher working with garden curriculum, I felt as though I hit the jackpot! Our school garden program is newly and rapidly expanding, and this California-Berkeley based program seems to be another shining stepping stone for Jann and I to launch our school garden into full force. With one generous scholarship from the ESY Academy itself and more help from our own school, we are both giddy with excitement to attend in June.

The ESY Academy network accepts all members of school communities, wanting change to happen on all levels in the education system. “We invite teachers, administrators, and advocates from around the world to spend five days behind the scenes at the Edible Schoolyard Berkeley.” This statement from the ESY website proves the dedication of the academy to directly influence schools and communities. With a multifaceted approach of combining garden, kitchen, and organizational development at the workshops, Jann and I are prepared to act as sponges with the sole purpose of soaking in as much as possible. I am prepared and elated to share all that we learn with our eastern KY and wider range communities!