-Bea Sias, Lead, Logan, WV


My Blog this week is a poem, titled “Compost Pile” written by one of the talented authors from Logan

County.  Her name is Carlene Mowery Boggs.   Carlene is known for her book about the Buffalo Creek

Flood that claimed the lives of 130 people, when a Dam broke and wash the whole hollow out.   This

Happened in February of 1971.

This is one of my Gardeners gardens.  He had just put a lot of composite on his gardens.

This is one of my Gardeners gardens. He had just put a lot of composite on his

I will remember this day for the rest of my life.    I lost a lot of my friends, and people who was well-.

Known to my husband, because, he was an Insurance Agent, and he knew most all of these people.

It definitely made a big impact on everyone in the area.


Outside along the creek bank where the morning glories grow

is a mound of rotting clippings discarded long ago.

A few banana peelings have been thrown upon the heap,

and odds and ends of vegetables not good enough to keep.

Melon rinds and coffee grounds, unwanted useless things,

apple cores, potato skins, and all our grass cuttings.

Garbage, some would call it, but we knew all the while

what others thought as worthless, we called the compost pile.

Inside the decomposing mound where miracles take place,

God was making useful what others thought as waste.

For soon the awful pile of trash was rich enough to nourish,

and every flower, tree or plant it fed began to flourish.

So it is with life it seems, what we discard as waste,

we fail to see the good it holds because we judged in haste.

The trials and disappointments, defeats and tragedies

God meant to help transform us are in life’s compost heap.

Unwanted, useless garbage, we’ve considered it to be,

but God intended only good to come from the debris.

Your past mistakes and failures, if you will leave them too,

then you will be amazed what God will someday make of you.

We may not always understand God’s design or reason. 

He may be just preparing us for some distant season.

So leave all of your troubles, change will come in just a while,

and remember, God is tending what you leave upon the pile.

Carlene Mowery-Boggs