Greetings from Abingdon, Deni here, with a statement of THANKS to all the great Volunteers who believe in helping others to grow Food!

Tech GYRLS divy potatoes

Tech GYRLS were back in action this week at our demonstration garden, helping to weigh out potatoes in 5# bags… We’re offering most of our gardens 10# of white and 5# of red potatoes… we’ll have lots of extra for folks who need / want more.  Tech GYRLS also helped to seed basil, pot on Serviceberry Seedlings for our Trees that Feed program and participated in a Farm to School Taste Test.  They sampled two types of pears, an all natural cherry fruit leather strip and blueberry jam.  These girls are amazing!  Always willing to do what needs to be done.

Alice VoluteersAlice Adding Fertilizer

And then, there’s Alice!  Alice joined our Grow YOur Own program during the first year, 4 springs ago.  During that first season, Alice grew on a friends land and had NO IDEA what she was doing.  It was a first attempt and she loved it!  The second year, Alice moved her garden to her own house, but health issues tangled up her life and her garden “didn’t do so great”.  Last year, Alice grew at her home garden and did a great job. She felt that gardening really helped her health, and she lost weight and got in better shape.  She canned and froze food for herself and friends and is so excited for another season that she made time to come by to help plant peas and root crops.

Alice Seeding peas Alice is still a beginning gardener and is so excited to be shown new ways of doing things.  We stretched two measuring tapes out to mark our garden beds and create straight lines in which to seed things… “What a great idea” made me smile… sometimes showing folks simple ideas can change their garden plan and help them understand the importance of pathway space.  Straight lines also help when it comes time to hoe…

We seeded carrots, beets, radishes and two types of peas; sugar snaps and snow peas… Here’s to April Showers!

Carrots Seeded