Dorothy Feltner, Americorps VISTA,  Reporting in from Lotts Creek Community School for 4/4/15.

Lotts Creek Learning Garden has leveled up this week with a new high tunnel. A big thank you goes out to the the Grow Appalachia tech crew for leading this build! It should also be noted that Holy Korb and I had lots of fun driving the base pipes in with sledge hammers.


High tunnel in progress.

It came out looking pretty Amazing!

Finished high tunnel.

Finished high tunnel.

The high tunnel makes up an additional 1/3 of our current garden space. I’ve managed to plant some Mooncake soybeans in it so far. Soon, there will be some cherry and black prince tomatoes as well as companion plants like basil and nasturtiums in the tunnel.

Other Updates:

Water has been restored to the Lotts Creek Learning Garden, so I’ve managed to rearrange the watering system to support the high tunnel.

Most of our sprouts have made it to the greenhouse. The little things have been doing a lot better with increased light.

I made an appearance at the Community Farm Alliance (CFA) fundraiser on Saturday. It was a great networking opportunity and a ton of fun. Plus, I got this neat souvenir:

Charming CFA fundraiser glass

Charming CFA fundraiser glass