Good afternoon! This is S. Ann Marie Quinn from St. Vincent Mission in David, KY.

Yesterday, Good Friday, was literally a “wash out” for many people. The rains on Thursday and through the night were torrential. I attempted to get off the mountain after Morning Prayer; the rain fall had quieted, and I thought it would be safe. What a sight to behold! There were gushing water falls everywhere; the force and power of them intimidating yet magnificently beautiful. The road’s trenches were overflowing, mixing with the rock and mud loosed by the rains. Culverts, driveways, and roads were not visible only muddy water. I did not traverse very far, but turned back towards home and higher ground.

What a difference a day makes! Today after Morning Prayer I traveled the same route. Water remains on the road in spots, as well as rocks and mud. Crews have worked diligently to clear brush, etc., to make road passable. Where water levels have subsided people are securing and rebuilding, or whatever needs to be done. It will be awhile before many get into their fields and gardens.

This is all part of the reality of life in the mountains. Folks are survivors, and cope with what is handed them; living one day, one moment at a time. A lesson needed by so many of us in our society.

When I arrived at the mission, two volunteers were sorting donations and sucking up water with a shop-vac. They were heading out to teach a sewing class, and then get some supplies for the David School. In the quiet I am spending time getting on the computer to check email and write this blog. This computer is my “life-line” connection with family and friends; a blessing and yet at times a curse.

One of the blessings this morning was an email written two days ago, on the 2nd, from one of our Grow Appalachia Community Garden growers. She wrote, “Just a word to say that three beds have been prepared and planted with peas and lettuce. And….I snooped around and saw a treat just in time for Peter Cottontail.” This was her attachment. (I hope that the rain did not wash away the seeds.)

Spring harvest of carrots in time for Peter Cottontail BSCTC 2015

This is life!

We gratefully accept the unexpected blessings,

filled with hope we await the resurrection,

and keep on keeping on.

                                                                                          Have a blessed Easter!