-Bea Sias, LEAD, Grow Appalachia Logan West Virginia

As we all know certain vegetables have to be planted at certain times.  Vegetables like peas, cabbage, greens, lettuce, onions and potatoes are the first vegetables that you plant, because cold weather does not affect these vegetables.

One of my gardeners made me a wire frame to plant potatoes, tomatoes, or anything that I would like to plant in it. How you use a wire frame is first put the wire together to make a large cage, latch the wire together.  In the bottom of the cage, add straw and then take a huge amount of fertilizer and put that on top of the straw inside the cage and smooth it down.  Then cut potatoes making sure that each section has an eye on it.  Add the cut potatoes on the fertilizer, then repeat until all your potatoes are planted.  My gardener friend does this every year and has a good harvest of potatoes.  I hope this works for me, because I don’t have enough room for potatoes.

This is my second year in Grow Appalachia, I believe it is going to be a great season if everything goes well and the weather is good to us.  I am very anxious to see how our Farmers Markets work for our gardeners.  I am also excited to be doing workshops on the canning process as so many of our gardeners are interested in it.

Remember, there is a lot of work to having a garden, it is a daily ritual.  You cannot let weeds get the upper hand on you!  The nice, warm weather will help those little plants grow so they will produce good tasty vegetables.  Hopefully, spending time out in the sunshine will be good therapy for our gardeners as well.

All those fresh Green Beans and Potatoes, I can hardly wait!