green grocer opening 2

Beth Massey – Grow Appalachia Alderson Coordinator with the Alderson Food Hub.

It’s official, we are open at the Green Grocer. This group of amazing volunteers, including some Grow Appalachia participants, met the night before opening to put the final touches on the grocery store.  We stocked shelves, priced items, cleaned, set up the Grow Appalachia Library corner, and enjoyed the final moments as we watch this new enterprise come to life.



green grocer opening 1

Our fruit and vegetable display, hand built by a volunteer, is the first thing you see when you enter the Green Grocer.  By closing on day one this was nearly empty, but rest assured it will be refilled and welcome more hungry customers.


grow app seedlings 1


On the other side of Grow Appalachia Alderson, we have seeded our vegetables and herbs for transplants.  Everything except the pepper varieties are up and growing well.  The funny part is to look through the grow tables and see which plug trays  were finished as we grew tired. Most trays are so evenly planted with one plant per plug, however there are a few which have multiple plants per plug.  That’s OK, a little transplanting and we will fix the issue.

A few weeks and we will divide these among our participating families and get them growing outdoors.

We are having a blast in Alderson and enjoying the excitement about growing our own food to sustain our families and our community.