Maria Arnot in Williamson, WV and it is finally feeling like spring. With spring come volunteer season, and last week we hosted our first Amizade group of the year.   The group of nine arrived from Penn State to work on local food projects for the week and did an awesome job.

Two things that we accomplished that I thought would be worth sharing are:

1. Low tunnels for spring temps! As I mentioned in the last blog,  we decided to host two season extension workshops this year in order to promote longer growing season. Last Thursday with the help of our volunteers we made low-cost low tunnels for the gardeners that were already registered. As I mentioned these were made of row cover and wire hoops. The workshop leader held the sides of theirs down using sand filled PVC. This was just in the nick of time too, becuase after 70 degree temps this week, it just may snow this weekend.

low tunnel workshop 2

2. This year, we paid a consultant to create a production plan for our high tunnels that we can stay on track.  They suggested that we create wide rows and companion plant as much as we could into the rows. This is what they finally looked like. So far, we are pleased with how our seedlings are reacting (pictures soon to come!). Additionally, we had the volunteers do some trail pea trellising. Using twine, we tied it from the ceiling of the high tunnels, and threaded them into the ground for the pea seeds to climb (see below). Again, we will post pictures as the babies grow and let you know how they work!


wide rows 2

wide rows trellis