Bee Keeping is in our midst!!!


Courtney & Jamie taping up the Bee Hives.


Loading our Hives. They are loaded with Bee’s.

 We are embarking on the adventure of bee’s and honey. With 5 hives to start us off, with some splits coming in a few weeks to double us to 9 or 10 hives. Can you say excited or maybe a bit nervous. Courtney is our little bee keeper in the white suit above. She is 15 years old. Who to my surprise is very interested and excited about the bee’s. With her Instructor Jamie, who is an experienced bee keeper for many years has taken her under his wing, to guide and teach her how to nurture and tend to the bee’s.


Jamie Releasing the Bee’s after their travel home.


Courtney Releasing the Bee’s!!!

To my surprise Courtney has really taken to the bee’s and has decided to claim them as her project. She is eager to learn and watch them. Reading books and watching You Tube videos. She say’s “when can we get the honey so I can sale some.” I hope that with her interest and her ability to talk to a lot of people she goes to school with, that we can get more teenagers involved in our program. So they will learn the importance of healthy eating and how growing their own vegetables. also how it can cut the cost of grocery shopping.


A few Bee’s up close!!!


Courtney Sporting her Bee suit!

We have 4 of the hives at our urban educational site and the 5th. one is set up at another garden location. Which we will be monitoring closely. Our goal with this one is to help one of our participants get started in the sport. To mentor them and show them the possibilities of creating a little extra income for their family.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the Bee’s and how Courtney is learning to keep them. All I can say is Jamie Gross and John Oliver Justice is Good Luck, with your teaching technique’s. This will surely be interesting.