Today the sun is shining and it is a high of 61 degrees! The maple trees are running while baby calves are milk covered and staggering in the fields. There is green spring flora poking out of the ground around the last remaining snow piles. I have busted out the Chacos’ and I’m jumping mud puddles! Yes! Spring really is here (kinda.)

This past week was our first meeting and we had a huge turnout! Many more came than expected causing us to not even have enough chairs! In my book, that’s a good problem to have!
The Linwood Library provided the meeting space and we packed the parking lot with cars.
unusual sight!
23 interested families in attendance with more 5 others requested the information unable to make it. With our original goal of having 20 families participate, we may have under estimated the need for Grow Appalachia in our community.
Here at Linwood we are chomping at the bit for summer time. We have big plans of putting up a pavilion for our farmers market and community use. We are also looking forward to having a small greenhouse shed for our day care kids to start seeds in. Everything is starting to come together, as long as the weather works with us. We are going to have a fantastic Grow family here in the Linwood community; and with any luck a fantastic growing season!