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Beth Massey – Grow Appalachia Alderson Coordinator

Hello from the mountain state.

There was still a bit of snow on the ground here in Alderson March 18 as the 14 families working with Grow Appalachia met at the USDA Plant Research Center to seed our vegetable transplants.  Members learned to seed using plug trays, mixing media, setting misting timers and having a great time getting to know each other in the process.

When we added up the number of transplants we would need, plus some extras to sell to help fund our program, we were amazed at how many flats of seeds we planted.  The group selected several different varieties of each vegetable to ensure they can meet their family and customer demands.  Selections were also based on different harvest times from early to late season so participants have products to sell at the farmers market and our new non-profit grocery store.

Members want to thank the USDA Plant Research staff for hosting us and loaning us greenhouse space, and for helping plant some of our seeds.  This facility is only 2 miles from Alderson so it’s a great space to use and we appreciate the partnering to help Grow Appalachia be successful.

We can’t wait to start seeing our plants come up and are biting at the bit to get outside in the garden.  The group will meet for our next educational workshop on April 13 to discuss  tillage, direct planting and extended season techniques to use in the spring.