Sister Ann Marie Quinn here, with greetings from St. Vincent Mission in David, Kentucky!

As I write this post, the sun is gifting us with warmth and light, melting the ice and snow. One of our GA gardeners has planted her sugar snap peas. She told me that they were not doing anything in the seed envelope, but if planted she may be surprised with an early spring treat. And, won’t all the naysayers be jealous?

This is how those of us who love fresh, healthy food, dream and project a desired reality. It is only in the imagining and planning that we can create a reality. Winter has been a time of hermitage, to plan our gardens and do what is ours to do as co-creators.

For many years I taught at various elementary and middle schools, did health care in Mexico, worked on our community’s farm in Oldenburg, IN, did environmental education for IMAGO’s Earth Center, and pastoral ministry in Eastern Kentucky. These many wonderful experiences have helped form me and brought me to this point in life; bless with an opportunity to work at St. Vincent Mission with Grow Appalachia. As with many new adventures the learning curve is huge and may feel undaunting; but I feel ready and up for the task. Those who know me well, know that “once a teacher always a teacher”. So, for this my first post ever, I would like to share one of my favorite children’s books:

Dinner From Dirt Ten Meals Kids can Grow & Cook
By Emily Scott & Catherine Duffy, Illustrated by Denise Kirby



This book provides instructions for planting and growing delicious meals, and includes recipes. Appropriate for children from age 6 and up; readers will have their creativity heightened in anticipation of spring gardening and eating.

Hopefully you will enjoy this book as much as I have and nurture the creator within yourself and others.

Peace and all good!