Hello all,

Dorothy Feltner (Americorps VISTA) reporting in from Lotts Creek Community School.

Lotts Creek Learning Garden is still under some significant snow cover. The storm definitely threw our schedule back, but we have been starting seeds! We have some vibrant sprouts coming up and many more planted.

1224 total plants are started so far with help of 3 great volunteers!

sprouts sprouts2

Some varieties this year include: Moon Cake soybeans, Black Prince Tomatoes, Borage, Cilantro, Siberian Kale, National Pickling cucumbers, Space Saver Cucumbers, Purple Coneflowers and Mammoth Sunflowers.


Our first class of the year will be March 16th.

The high tunnel installation has been set back, but hopefully occur the 17th of March weather permitting.

Lotts Creek is experimenting with a new community area in Chavies, KY. There is a purely residential community near the Wendell H. Ford Airport. It used to be a strip mine site, so it has the challenge of very little usable soil. We plan to tackle this with with straw bale gardening for cost effective, soil building solution. We are also partnering with the Housing Development Alliance to reach out to more people in the airport area and surrounding areas. Lotts Creek plans to give new homeowners access to gardening space and assistance if they are interested.