We are ready to get another great year underway here at (LCAAHC). The winter needs to stop and go away! We are so ready to be done with it. As many of you have experienced a much colder and snowier winter than usual; I’m sure you are just like us and ready to see some life and some green. As we patiently await these last few weeks of Kentucky weather, prepping the high-tunnels is going to give us hope that warmth is coming around the corner.

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We did get to experience some guest this past week that were part of the Local Foods in Appalachia DOPE Program. We were able to give and get some insight on the local food study in our region. We also had the privilege of meeting two students from Washington, that were doing a study on the new Farm Bill and the NRCS.  How knowledgeable or accessible is the information on these 2 very important tools in our communities? Can people access them with ease? It seems as if it is debatable. In some areas it is easy to gain access and get all the helpful information you might need, but in other areas maybe not so much.  Just know that there are helpful tools and information out there. Do your research, ask lots of questions, and if you don’t understand keep asking until you do understand. Equip yourself with what is helpful to you and your farm.

Happy Gardening to all!!!

Lets get this year going!!!

Can’t wait to see what we all accomplish this year!!!