By Shannon B.
VISTA at GreenHouse17

Every year here at GreenHouse17, we grow popcorn on the farm. The kids love it. The adults love it. It’s FUN!

Punk Corn
It also has many uses. We love to pop it and have snacks while doing workshops or just hanging around. It is a great healthy snack and the kids think it is super cool to be able to eat popcorn that they planted. The corn makes such nice autumn decorations.


We’re also developing a soap that makes use of the ground corn. It is a corn and calendula (yes we grew that too) exfoliating soap.


The corn was so pretty ground up for the soap, so we made a special batch of cornmeal to make our Thanksgiving cornbread.


We are looking forward to next year when we will start to grow a magical variety given to us by a dear friend and fellow farmer. It is Oaxacan corn and we think it will be a neat addition to our cornmeal.

Our farm stipend participants and shelter residents already are imagining baking mixes using corn meal and dried herbs from here on the farm. There are murmurings about a green tomato batter mix. Stay tuned!