Good morning fellow Appalachians,

Last week marked a chaotic shift into an early winter.. last Thursday it got down to 17 degrees and we were forced to cover all of our crops – even the ones in the hoop house!

Our kale has produced tens and tens of pounds of produce throughout the end of October and up to now.  Our cabbage and broccoli is just starting to head so we doubled up on remay for those brassicas.  Hopefully it will be enough to keep them producing into December!

Our second week selling produce to local restaurants through Rooted in Appalachia was highly successful yet again; we sold out of all our posted veggies, garnering us $70 in two weeks!

Now that the weather has made it so most of my time is restricted indoors, I have started to work on educational materials for the garden and our workshops in 2015.  Lamented cards are now next to every crop we have with info on the veggie and how to properly harvest.  I would be more than willing to share these if any site would like copies, comment below and let me know!

I hope all of your crops are staying warm during this unforgiving January-like frigid weather!