I am proud to officially announce that Grow Your Own has officially begun to sell its excess produce to local business.  Thanks to the partnership of Rooted in Appalachia we have been able to create a new stream of revenue that monetarily benefits two integral programs at Appalachian Sustainable Development; RiA is another program of ASD which focuses on connecting local farmers to local business.

Due to the large influx of produce that is donated to the Faith in Action food pantry, we have been able to donate to capacity, while also selling remaining harvests to further expand our reach.  Admittedly this is still in the infant stage – we just made our first sale today: 6 lb of carrots for $15 – but we are hopeful that this can be a beneficial blueprint for the future of GYO!

If you are in the area and are interested in purchasing fresh, organic produce from us, check our RiA profile – where we will post our current harvests for purchase here.