What can make food taste delicious and look more appetizing?  What can add fragrance and beauty to your home, garden, and even your skin?  What can heal a would, prevent sickness, and cure illness?   The answer is, (you guessed it);  herbs, amazing sense-sational herbs!

Greetings from Scott Christian Care Center!  Lisa here – reporting on the wonderful time the Scott County gardeners had at our class this week.  We were proud to welcome one of Kristina McFeeters, the owner of Kristina’s Kitchen in McCreary County, Ky, to teach on herbs.

What a treat!    She brought dozens of examples with her; many of which I had never heard of.  She first discussed cooking with the various herbs, and gave many examples of how each can be used.   She also talked about the which herbs work well together, which I found particularly interesting and useful.


She finished by discussing a wide variety of medicinal herbs, and shared with us her personal experiences using these herbs.  Her stories of how she has seen medicinal herbs work were amazing.  We even learned how to make a poultice out of herbs for bee stings and wounds.  She opened up a whole new world of herbs for me, and I wanted to run out and buy them all.
All of the talk about herbs also left me hungry, but thankfully Kristina brought some delectables from her restaurant, so I didn’t have to leave empty handed.  The pumpkin spice muffins were my favorite.  Yummy!
We are so proud that Kristina is one our Grow Appalachia gardeners in McCreary County.  Kristina’s passion for good, wholesome, nutritious food led her to open her own vegetarian cafe and bakery, which has become one of our favorite destinations in Whitley City, KY.

kristinas kitchen

Thank you, Kristina!