Hello 🙂  Bethani Smith here, a Grow Appalachia member from the Laurel County site. As a Grow Appalachia member I wanted to share with you a new canning experience that I encountered this year with the help of Grow Appalachia.


So we decided that we wanted to do a little something out of the ordinary with our yellow tomatoes. Our garden produced a large amount of yellow tomatoes this year. After sharing with family and fellow gardeners we still had a significant amount left and we wanted to preserve that yummy taste thru-out the winter. So we decided to make yellow tomato juice. As we had hoped, it turned out great and tasted wonderful! It is made just as you would make the regular red tomato juice just add more lemon juice. The juice itself seems to be a little thicker then the red tomato juice. We thought this would be great for fruit and vegetable smoothies this fall and winter. As you can see it looks great cooking and after we got it canned.

canned yellow tomato juice

From the pot to the jar!

Till next time, Keep up all the wonderful gardening posts. I will blog again soon 🙂 God Bless and have a great day!!!