By GreenHouse17

You all know we’re farmers, and by now most of you know that we farm to provide nature-based healing, field-to-table meals, and skills training for survivors of intimate partner abuse.

As we’re all busy preparing for the first frost to arrive, here on our farm we’re also taking some time to recognize National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

People are talking about intimate partner abuse. It’s in the news. Our friends, family and co-workers are having important conversations about barriers to leaving, reasons for staying, and abuser accountability.

We hope these conversation inspire meaningful actions that help survivors. We believe intimate partner violence is a community issue that requires a community response. Each and every one of us can nurture lives harmed by intimate partner abuse.

In small and big ways, our actions demonstrate intolerance for violence and embrace the needs of survivors.

Over the next 17 days, we’ll be sharing ways everyone can help end intimate partner abuse. A way-a-day can be found on our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards.

(And our Grow Appalachia friends get to know this next bit of information first. On the last day of the campaign, October 17, we will open our storefront for business and begin online sales of our handmade by survivors products!)

Visit our website at or find us on social media to learn more. We sure hope you’ll share at least one of the ways to help with your family and friends.