The summer has come to an end, and now it is fall and time to get things planted for the winter. So here in Laurel County we have our cabbage, broccoli, and greens in the ground. They are sprouting out of the ground, and looking lovely. Now Lets just remind every one that there is as difference between the plants that we plant in the spring and the ones we plant in the fall. The ones planted in the spring are heat-resistant and have to have all the warmth that come with the summer. So when preparing our winter gardens, you have to get plants and seeds that are cold weather tolerant. At this point it might be too late to plant for this fall and winter. I’m not certain though, If you are thinking of planting please check into the timing before you plant. As for ours they seem to be thriving with all this cooler weather we have encountered.

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Let me mention that our greens are being grown inside the high-tunnel, so this is just something we thought would be interesting to see if there is a difference in the way they might produce. We haven’t done it before. Some of you might have, But we haven’t. As you all know we like to try to experiment with our planting, so we will just let them grow for now and see if we find out any thing different from growing outside in the open dirt.

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Until Next time. Happy Gardening!!!

God Bless & Have A Great Evening