Basil is one of the most favored herbs in the culinary world, and definitely one of my favorites. Its great in sauces, pesto’s, vinaigrettes, and chopped on salads (tearing the leaves instead of cutting actually unlocks more flavor). But Basil like most herbs has many other uses! It can be added to a hot bath to and aid in relaxation. It can be steeped in wine to create a tonic to aid in digestion. In fact a drop of basil essential oil on your shirt collar can help prevent or counteract mental fatigue. Herbs, simply put, are totally awesome!

Anyhow, My name is Pete and I’m super excited to join the Grow Appalachia team! I’m very lucky to be working out of the High Rocks in Hillsboro W.V. with some really amazing people, and I am looking forward to finishing up this years harvest and having an awesome time volunteering in this area doing what I love!