Dorothy Feltner reporting in one week behind still, but catch up is surely imminent!

Last weekend I attended The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education’s Annual Conference in Lexington, KY. They had some pretty neat workshops/tours. I had the opportunity to tour Locust Terrace Agriscience Farm, which is a net zero energy use public school facility. It was inspiring to see that kids still have a chance to learn about animal science, farm maintenance, and growing food through an institutional system. They also had a solar heating system, aquaponics, and a greenhouse with unique cooling system made from cardboard. Its was very inspiring!

I made some great contacts at the conference with the USDA and Louisville KY permaculture scene. I have been informed about a permaculture design certificate course being offered at low cost in Louisville, KY. The course will be $500 if 30 people take and $750 if 20 people take it. A course like this usually costs anywhere between $1500-$4000. There will be many opportunities to cost share with other participants. The classes will be offered a few days every a month (mostly weekends), so interruptions with work are minimal. If anyone is interested check out and add Teddie Mower (organizer) on Facebook: and send a message or you can go through me.