Greetings from Williamson! Maria here in what seems to be fall (is it a joke?!).
As summer gardens are drying up, and some markets are coming to a close, ours was in full swing this weekend: featuring dancers and lots of goodies from the community garden. In my last entry I mentioned that we had been getting some nice publicity in Williamson- and that has continued into this week.

belly dance 5

As you can see in the image below, we had some visitors at the market this Saturday: from PBS!! Two men traveled to Williamson to document the exciting things going on in our community, and made sure to film the gardens and the farmers market. I will be sure to pass along the link as soon as we get it!

belly dancd 3  sbelly dancd 4

They came to the market though, because despite a dreary day, and got some great shots of a belly dancing show and our reliable customers. We had an awesome turnout for our second annual belly dancing flash mob, which took place at 1pm at the market!! The Khalila dancers from the University of Pikeville came to the Williamson Farmers Market for the second time to perform a 45 minute belly dancing routine. The group was dancing to raise money Judys Place for Kids, who help serve child victims of abuse in Pike, Floyd, Martin, Magoffin, and Johnson Counties in Eastern Kentucky.

belly dancd 2

Our garden table featured eggplants, tomatoes, paw paws (yum!!) and lots and lots of squash (a whole trunk load, actually)

Next week our greens and turnips should be ready: a sign that fall is coming in in full swing!