I hope you all remember Ms. Glenda!  One of our wonderful participants this year.  If you remember, she was sick earlier in the season.  We took some of our teen volunteers to her garden to help her out.


Well, Ms. Glenda got some of the help she needed to get her garden up and going, and go it did!  That garden took off and produced a heavy harvest for Glenda.  She started canning and she canned enough to enter lots of her jars in the county fair.



She walked away with 64, yes I said 64 ribbons from the county fair.  I think Glenda did a wonderful job canning her harvest.  We are so proud of her and all her hard work.  She has learned a lot while participating in our program.

Next year we hope to see more of our gardeners participate in the fair.  Those ribbons sure look good Ms. Glenda!!!


Happy Harvest!

Waynette Harness