The tomatoes were starting to look a little blighty and the cukes were all tuckered out.  Mid-August was a great time to learn about fall gardening at Whispering Meadows!

RJ and His Maters

RJ picking his cherry tomatoes.

We planted lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and a last round of bush beans.

Chasity fall planting

Chasity watering her newly planted seeds.  She’s very excited about the chance to get more lettuce this fall!


RJ showing me the okra pods he’s saving seed from.

For many of the gardeners, this is their first time caring for plants.  When we first started, some of them dug a single deep whole per variety and dumped a bunch of seeds into it.  This time, we were careful to emphasize that each seed is a plant and its adult size needs to be considered when it goes into the ground!

It’s hard to imagine how those tiny seeds turn into giant vegetables, but they do: