Happy soon to be Labor Day from Lori!

The top story for this week is ridiculously sad or sadly ridiculous, you make the call.

While we have been busy canning, harvesting, planting, planning and all around working hard, we had a mishap. My daughter spent two days cooking tomatoes and milling them for sauce to be frozen until there is enough to make spaghetti sauce. “That’s not too hard” you may be saying to yourself, and ordinarily you’d be correct. Unfortunately the air conditioner in our center is non functional at the moment and we have a 6 burner commercial propane stove in a windowless kitchen, and she had a baby strapped to her chest the whole time. Bless her heart, at the end of the second day, she was exhausted and sweaty and asked her brother, God rest his soul, to put the container into the fridge. HE DROPPED IT Y’ALL! it went everywhere. He’s not really dead, but by rights he should have been perforated severely by the daggers she shot from her eyes, and lacerated to the bone from the tongue lashing he got.  He’s been forgiven, but it never allowed to touch a container with food in it unless it is rubberized with a roll cage.

Here is a lovely mug shot of the bean-eating turkeys I mentioned last week. They look so plump and juicy, It would be nice if they would just stroll right into the freezer.

Evil bean eaters

Evil bean eaters

Just when we think we have all the zucchini, squash, peppers and tomatoes picked for a minute, a couple days later they are ready to pick again. These past couple of weeks have been great for harvesting, not just for us, but for our participants as well. I am excited to add up all the numbers this week and see how we have done.

One last thing for today, we had a food pantry distribution today, and while folks were waiting in line, someone walked off with one of our baskets, and others were picking and eating the tommy toes and beans we haven’t picked yet.  I’m rather sad we lost the basket, we only had two left. I might be able to buy it back once it hits the yard sale page on Facebook.

Have a great weekend everyone and may all your veggies be flavorful.

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