– Bea Sias, LEAD Community Org.

It will soon be time to start decorating for the fall season which is approaching really fast.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, season wise. I think the different gourds, pumpkins, and different types of fall colors make beautiful centerpieces for fall.

Fall arrangements

Enjoy the moment when summer ends and Fall starts. It is beautiful this time of the year, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and mild warm days.

Arrange your colors opposite of each other.  Any kind of leaves will work, but according to your arrangement, chose the leaves to go with the colors.

Put your squash, gourds, and pumpkins (small Pumpkins) in a basket or place on a tray, along with a few things that you purchase from a craft store, examples, nuts, pine cones, and artificial leaves.

fall arrangements

Also, it is much cheaper to make your own wreaths.  Buy you decoration in the off-season.

I am sending a couple of copies of arrangements, but you will enjoy your decorations much more if you make them yourself.