Ah me! Such a long day. Went to the garden early to clean up my own beds a bit and plant a little lettuce and spinach in them. Then to the bean field to glean dried beans to save for next year and eat this winter. I’ve been trying to pick 1-2 kinds each day. There’s been sooo much rain this week I must get right home with them to lay out to dry. Today I got Dean’s Purple pole beans and Rattlesnake beans. I went on to water the greenhouse starts. Sadly our fall tomatoes aren’t even in the ground and have blight. Sigh. We will probably be later than we hoped in getting fall crops in as the fields are so wet. I went down to the high tunnel and there were lots of tomatoes so I decided that as it’s blazing hot and I can’t work outside anymore today I will begin my salsa making. I collected tomatoes around the high tunnel and garden along with peppers. Went home had a little rest and lunch and started in on the Salsa. Whew it’s quite a project but so worth it. I just got the last jars out of the water bath. 18 jars! MMMMMMMM