Visiting an experienced Organic Gardener and Participant!

Visiting an experienced Organic Gardener and Participant!

Well, it’s about that time of year… I’m quickly wrapping things up here at High Rocks Grow Appalachia and preparing to head out on my next grand adventure. The time I spent working with Rachel and Erica has been a wonderful “growing” experience. There is really nothing better than spending the Summer with your fingers and toes in the dirt working hard and enjoying the sunshine.

While here, I have learned so much about the entire organic gardening process, from planting to harvesting and everything in between. I’ve had lots of great, experienced minds to pick apart during my time spent with our participants and at High Rocks and I have enjoyed learning from them.

As you may have read in Rachel’s previous blog post, we hosted a fermentation workshop open to the public. It was a really interesting experience, I had never heard of fermentation. Our family has always been a traditional canning family and it was neat to be able to share with my relatives this new method of preservation.

Also, even as a native of Pocahontas County, Grow Appalachia introduced me to many new people and new areas that I had never discovered in my own little hometown. The whole experience really gave me a new perspective on the area and on gardening itself.

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