Dorothy Feltner , VISTA volunteer at Lotts Creek Community School reporting in.

We have had low participation for the last two garden meetings/classes.

I have a few ideas as to why:

-I am new to the area and not everyone has met me.

-People may find the presentations boring.

-It’s summer, so people are busy.

-I am contacting people too early and they forget.

-The way I am contacting people is not the best medium.

I am going to try some new tactics with our upcoming meeting. Instead of calling two weeks ahead of time, I’m calling/messaging/texting a week or a couple of days ahead instead. I’m hosting the meeting near the beginning of the week instead of at the end. I made flyers for the meeting and posted it on facebook. I changed the structure of the meeting from a presentation styled meeting to a hands on workshop. I also reminded people that these meetings are mandatory for the program. I might also just ask the gardeners how to get them to come. I’ve also pondered creating a newsletter to send out, but everything would have to be planned in advance for that to work. Feel free to share insights and come to our workshop next Tuesday the 12th at 6pm in the school garden.

hugelkultur workshop