Wow!  Gardens are producing like crazy! Canning season is in full swing.  I visited a gardener last week who was busy busy busy!  She was canning beans, tomatoes, beets, pickles and corn.  Yes, all on the same day.  Canning her produce is how she decided to preserve her harvest.  It is a lot of hard and hot work, but the security of winter food is so worth the work.  She invited me to see what she had canned so far this year.

010What a beautiful sight was waiting inside her closet!  hundreds of jars of food were waiting to be used by her family all winter.


015So far she has canned over 200 jars of tomatoes, 50 jars of kraut, pickles galore, 120 jars of beets, 400 ears of corn and lots of other goodies.  Not only has she done all of this, but she has shared almost this much food with her friends and neighbors.  She still has lots of food left in her garden that needs to be preserved.  Lots of work ahead for this lady.


016Thanks to our program another family has learned how to garden and preserve food for their family. Also, her friends and neighbors are learning the meaning of sharing.


Happy Gardening and Canning!


Waynette Harness