Hi Folks…it’s Lori again with the follow up to last weeks blog. We held Reading Camp this week, and it was the best one yet.

Our whole theme was focused around Grow Appalachia; and we scheduled our afternoon activities accordingly, except for Thursday when we took them fishing.  We had 13 campers, the most we have had in the 3 years we have held camp. Monday’s afternoon activity was to go to the greenhouse and plant the seeds of choice. Several planted cucumbers, some planted radishes or carrots, a few planted corn, and some planted pumpkins. Most just planted a few of everything. They really enjoyed doing it.  On Friday before they went home, they got their plantings to take with them. The ones that actually had sprouts started we very excited. We heard comments such as “Dude! It’s growing!” , “There’s green stuff in mine”, and “Oh my God, It must be magic.”

The sight word garden was a big hit, now that camp is over we can plant real veggies in the boxes.

The fences from the stalls will be our trellising devices for our beans and things next year.

Sight word garden

Sight word garden

Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday they actually harvested some things from the community garden, and one youngster was giving a lesson on how to know when corn was ready to pick.  Too bad we have to change up themes each year because this was a great one and we’d love to use it over and over again.

The Campers and their families got to eat some of the things harvested during the closing celebration. They had potato salad made with our red and Yukon gold potatoes from the garden, and tossed salad with fresh lettuce and radishes that we also from the garden.

In Other News:

3 of 4 bushels of beautiful ears

3 of 4 bushels of beautiful ears

We harvested 4 bushels of corn this week, and have twice that or more still not ready yet. We harvested a peck each of radishes and peppers, and a half bushels of potatoes.

We should be ready to harvest acorn squash, summer squash, zucchini, and more lettuce in the next week or so.

Tomorrow is blanching and freezing corn day, WOO HOO!