Since the beginning of July we have been harvesting tomatoes from our high tunnels. Production has been great with us collecting almost 2000 pounds of tomatoes to date.  We have the following three varieties of tomatoes in our high tunnels; Primo Red, Cherokee Purple, and Mt. Fresh. Tomatoes have been used primarily at the Robinson Forest and its camp groups. So the staff there have been very busy canning tomatoes the past couple of weeks. We are currently collecting tomatoes for local bee keeper who will combine his honey and our tomatoes to make a salsa. We are hoping to have this salsa ready for our field day event September 22nd.

The tomatoes in our high tunnels are doing notably better than our tomatoes outside the tunnels. We believe this has to do with the lack of irrigation to the tomatoes outside. Tomatoes are also being destroyed by crows. As soon as a tomato starts to ripen, they come along and peck a hole in it.

IMG_0767 IMG_0769