By C. for GreenHouse17

Today was an awesome day in the garden. It was a cool breezy day with a ‘lil sprinkle. Can we say perfect?

I started out pulling peapods out of garden, threw em’ to the side then went back with a wheel barrel, picked it up rolled down under a shade tree.

I got a cardboard box to sit on and it was so peaceful, sitting there under the shade tree picking the peapods off. After picking all the peapods off, we put the pile into a compost pile.

After all that, we went out by the greenhouse and picked weeds from around the garlic. Now let me tell you, I had no clue in the beginning what was weeds and what was plants. Laugh out loud — they all looked like weeds to me!

I would work on that some and switch to something else. The barley needed watering so I had to pull another water house out and hook it to one that was already running to the garden. Boy oh boy was the barley thirsty! I got real close to the flower with the sprayer and held it there for about 15 seconds on each barley plant.

Then I went back to weeding around the garlic. We got 3 out of 5 beds weeded. WOOHOO!

My back began to hurt so around 4:40, and I started to clean up. Picking up weeds dumping them by the wood fence and wrapping up the waterhose.

Now, as I sit here peacefully reflecting on my day in the garden, a nice cool day…I enjoyed myself working out in the garden along with learning to face some of my fears. Thank God I have not run into any snakes.

This is very helpful for GreenHouse 17 and to myself (as I work toward the goal) for my deposit for a place to live, moving on to the next chapter in my life.

This post is part of our Field Notes series written by survivors of intimate partner abuse.