Hello everyone, this is Bea Sias from Step by Step-LEAD Logan County Grow Appalachia Team. Most of everyone’s garden is starting to produce good vegetables.

I have had several people tell me they had started canning; just this morning one gardener told me he had canned 7 quarts of green beans.

Those pressure cookers that we bought for our gardeners really came in handy.

Canned salsa

Canned salsa

When the lady at the extension office spoke at our workshop on canning for us everyone was really impressed on how fast the job was done for canning beans and other vegetables.

I cannot wait for my vegetables to come in so I can make Leather Britches or as some call them “Shuck Beans”. They are delicious.

To make this kind of beans you can take the beans and a large darkening needle with heavy twine and put the beans through the needle. Make sure you have your beans securely tight on your twine. Do not break the beans leave them whole.

Bea's Beans

Bea’s Beans

I take the strings off of both ends, do not wash beans, take a large sheet in an empty room and pour them over it. Make sure to check them every day and turn them over so the beans will dry.

They will dry just like they do on the vines. When cooking them, soak overnight, put in a large kettle with seasoning and cook until tender.

Bea's Beans!! YUM!!

Bea’s Beans!! YUM!!

When cooking “Shuck Beans” or “Leather Britches” you can always make a good meal out of fried potatoes, slaw and cornbread.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!