A giant THANK YOU goes out to the group from St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg Virginia.  They came in on Sunday, started work Monday and by Wednesday they built us this awesome 8×12 foot greenhouse. They said their schematic they got from the internet didn’t have all the right measurements, so they improvised on the fly. They also provided us with drains and gravel for in the bottom to keep out standing water since it was built on our back driveway. I can wait to put it into service.

We had another group of Youth Works volunteers in this week as well. As last week, some worked inside the center, and some worked in the garden. They harvested another bushel of leaf lettuce; that’s 3 bushels so far this season, they harvested a peck of beets, and planted spinach and beans.

We finally have some cucumbers growing, some squash, and the peppers and tomatoes have just gone crazy. It won’t be long until the corn is ready!

Meet the enemy: and his name is Stopeatingthedangcorn.

The Enemy

The Enemy

He looks so nice and happy there doesn’t he? He’s gone now! We didn’t spray him with anything though just because we didn’t want to kill our helpful little bees.

Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of humorous anecdotes this week, but hey, there’s always next week.

Happy Growing Y’all.