What a busy week we have had again!  Another wonderful group of people came to help us out this week.  A group of about 120 came to our county ready to WORK! And  work they did!

We have some wonderful gardeners who have had unexpected illnesses this year.  Because of this their gardens have been neglected and harvesting has been hard for these folks.  I took some of these great people to help these folks out.

They weeded,  raked and harvested.  They staked tomatoes, picked beans and dug potatoes!




pole beans



We saw some beautiful vegetables in some really nice gardens.  The gardeners were so happy to have all the wonderful help.  The kids in this group were so cheerful and happy.   While working in the gardens we could hear loud happy voices singing and laughing.  What a wonderful and joyful week we had.


working in the tomato patch


We are again thankful for such giving people we were blessed with.  Lots of things were accomplished this week.  I look forward to sharing more from our week with you.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.


Happy Gardening

Waynette Harness