Yes! LCAAHC is selling what is left from the harvest. If you would like “organic locally grown fresh vegetables,” we have your back.  We started harvesting two weeks ago and literally have so much. While a lot of the vegetables are donated to the county jail, the nursing home and to some of the residents of Laurel country, we still have fresh vegetables to spare.


One of the teens in the youth program picking beans. If you are wondering what the white thing is, it is shredded pepper. Fantastic in minimizing weeds.

We picked green beans everyday, this week so please come buy 🙂

We also have:

  1. tomatoes(including the chuck purple tomato perfect for those that make salsa sauce),
  2. zucchini- Salena actually made for us some zucchini bread. it was my first time eating and surely did taste like a cake
  3. squash,
  4. lots and lost of bell(green) peppers that are so big. Below is an average sizeIMG_20140718_204111

While we are usually at a garden site somewhere working, they is always someone at the center to assist you.

Hope to see you this coming week as we continue ripping what we sowed.
An update on the prices via Laurel County African American Heritage center community Page

  • Green Beans~~ $35.00 a Bushel
  • Bell Peppers~~ 2 for $1.00 or $18.00 a bushel
  • Tomatoes~Heirloom~Cherokee Purple~ $3.00 per lb.
  • Hybrid & Mountain Pride Tomatoes~~ $1.50 per lb.
  • Little Sweet Peppers~~ 5 for $1.00

We also have Zucchini, Squash, Cabbage, Onions, & Egg Plant.

We are located at the corner of Mill St. & Short St.
Phone # (606) 877-9931
(606) 309-6379
(606) 224-8111