Hello everyone.

Last week I was excited to share our garden’s progress with you, as everything looked suddenly very green and much taller after a couple of good rains. I figured my work was done at that point, as all of the plants seemed healthy and mature. Mission accomplished! Right?

Well, it turns out that this garden wasn’t content with just sitting there and looking pretty. Startlingly enough, and contrary to all of my previous horticultural knowledge, the plants started doing the unexpected and unexplainable:

Producing miniature versions of common vegetables.

It sounds crazy, but I promise that there is real-life food starting to develop in certain regions of these plants. I knew it would be difficult to believe so I will provide photographic evidence below. I promise to keep you updated on this strange phenomenon.

IMG_2107  IMG_2101

Isn’t the tiny pepper adorable? Also the zucchini looks like an oblong watermelon. Maybe I planted the wrong seeds…


These squash tried to disguise themselves as flowers. How clever…

IMG_2090I’m not sure exactly what quantifies a “mess of beans” but I’m hoping to harvest a few of them.


I am glad that cucumbers decide to ditch the spikes when they grow up.