Each summer, our gardens welcome a variety  of different volunteers groups. This summer, our volunteer base has grown significantly. In addition to having several interns in August and our usual Amizade volunteer group will be here at the end of July we have begun working with another group.

Yesterday, we welcomed our first volunteers from Youthworks, which is a new partnership to us this year. Youthworks has been sending volunteers  to Mingo County for many years, but just reached out to us last summer to see if we needed any help with our community gardening projects. According to their website, YouthWorks provides “life-changing Christ-centered mission trips for over 30,000 students and adult leaders in over 70 communities across North America. Because we want everyone to experience a mission trip, we provide lots of affordable options while maintaining high quality experiences.”

The group started working with us yesterday and will benefit our project in two ways. Not only will they be sending a group of volunteers to the gareden each week, but they have also agreed to purchase as much locally grown food as we are able to provide each Friday. Last week, they made a list of everything that they needed that they hoped that we could provide for them. Working with local farmers I was able to supply them with $268 worth of locally grown produce! They are a very large group (approximately 100 volutneers total, we only worked with ten) and so it equalled lots of mouths to feed!

Check out the pictures below to see what an immaculate weeding job they did! And DEFINITELY check out youthworks.com to see if they are volunteering in your area

!youthworks work

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