I am astounded at how fast this year is whizzing by, planting summer lettuce and seeding fall brassicas already.  Yesterday we had our first workshop in a month, and we had a few new participants sign up for the fall season!  We’re trying to help as many as we can on our limited budget, but I believe expansion is inevitable in 2015.  Our summer VISTAs have been extremely helpful in garden maintaining, and coming up with fresh ideas for the program.

Last month was our most successful in the program, in terms of harvest figures – nearly hitting 3,000 pounds of produce in one month between our participants and our demonstration garden.  We have made new pamphlets to promote the program for potential participants, showcasing our ability to help those in need start up home gardens, educate organic gardening methods, and volunteer opportunities.

Our potatoes are being birthed from the earth this week, and looking beautiful.  Garlic has also been harvested, as well as carrots, beets, kale (for months!), peppers, and huge zucchini!  Our tomatoes are shifting colors, and slowly gaining a red hue to them.  All is well in the garden.

Veronica were recently discussing potentially visiting some sites near us – I would love to see the wonderful work you are all doing, the a photograph just can’t capture.  Please let me know if you are in the SW VA or NE TN area and wouldn’t mind a visit!