Build It Up held its first Heart Healthy Cooking class back in June.  The community gardeners at Whispering Meadows loved it so much, they asked us to put on another one soon!  We focused on cooking with the vegetables that they are growing in their gardens and added some lean chicken breasts and whole wheat pasta.  Our presenter was Alex Munjal, a med student at ETSU who also helps run Read ‘N Play, a non-profit that supports learning, fitness and nutrition for East Tennessee children.  Alex spoke for about 30 minutes on how to support heart health through diet and exercise.


Then we gathered in the kitchen to do a cooking demo.  Alex made us sauteed chicken breasts, pasta with tomatoes, herbs and feta, and sauteed squash and onions.



This a lot of the same veggies we are growing in the garden, so residents will be able to use what they are producing.


It was so tasty!  Almost didn’t get a picture of the food it was eaten so fast!