We got a bit of a late start planting in late May in the new community garden at Whispering Meadows in Erwin, TN.  However, the plants are all looking very healthy and residents are starting to harvest their first round of produce!  The garden is also getting mulched pathways very soon.  The Town of Erwin is donating a dump truck load of wood mulch for the pathways.  Residents have been gathering lots of cardboard to smother the grass and weeds.  We’ll be filling in the pathways this week!


The cardboard looks ugly right now, but it’ll be covered up soon!


Most of the residents are beginning gardeners, so it is very gratifying to see how healthy the plants are.  We had a workshop on trellising for the cucumbers and tomatoes a couple of weeks ago, and they are just zooming up the fencing.


A local commercial greenhouse donated a bunch of flowers to us.  The gardeners put the flowers into their beds and also used some spare wood and soil to create a communal flower patch.

The garden is very visible from Interstate 26 and I hope all those drivers are impressed with what they see!