Hello everyone! Tom Fields here from Stone Soup. Today’s picture is of Barbara, the first family grower for the Stone Soup Program at ASD.

Barbara began growing with us this spring and is already selling at the brand new farmers market in Clintwood, VA. This photo taken of Barbara was taken under a stormy sky and intermittent rain showers, a tough selling day even for the most experienced seller. Despite the weather, at day’s end Barbara did very well selling her broccoli and kale.

The new farmers market project was initiated by ASD working to facilitate partnerships between the local extension office, mayor, board of supervisors, and other town officials. The Town of Clintwood has lost many of its farmers over the years and locals have few options for access to fresh, healthy food. Although it was a tremendous amount of work getting the market to the point of opening day, it was an instant success! The residents desperately wanted access to farm fresh food. After 3 short weeks, the market is up to 12 vendors. We even have live bluegrass music!!!