Do you remember the wonderful raised beds that the Sr. Citizens Center put together? Remember how they put their beds on the legs to cut out a lot of bending for the older gardeners?    I thought I would pay a visit to see how that project was working.



beautiful garden in full production











cabbage growing in the raised bed



The beds seem to really be working out for the center.  In one bed they have cabbage, broccoli and peppers.  They are growing good.










In another bed. cucumbers are starting to bloom!

There is a 4th bed that is completely planted with onions.

The Seniors and the staff at the center are very excited to start harvesting.







Tomato bucket garden

On the other side of the center,  because of the shallow beds,  is a wonderful bucket garden!  52 tomato plants are growing in this small space. The plants are blooming and have lots of baby tomatoes.  The members of the center will be harvesting from their first garden very soon!








The older people and even the staff are having a ball with this little garden project.  Can’t wait to see what is harvested from these wonderful beds.

Happy Gardening!


Waynette Harness